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First drive


Well all I can say with out writing a small novel on excitement is WOW WHAT A RUSH !!!!!! found a couple of bugs that need to be addressed ...what a feeling of accomplishment ,,excited and apprehensive about driving it out of the garage and down the street waiting for something to go wrong and getting back and nothing did,,all rolled into one 30 minute drive will be something I will never forget ,,,Now I just need to get legal ,,and have some real fun ,,Gonna be a Fun summer ..Oh and no a camera never even entered my mind at the time ,,it was too busy wondering if I forgot this or that.. LOL
Sweet! Another one joins the fold! Congrats, Rockn!:)
Ya still got that smile on yer face, don't ya. Even way up here in Minnesota, I can see a bright glow to the south! LOL

Congrats RocknT. :lol: Now the the first ride is over, but the second or the 200th they are all great. :cool: Something to be remembered.
RocknT said:
... excited and apprehensive about driving it out of the garage and down the street waiting for something to go wrong...

That cracked me up! I did the same thing... all excited to drive it, open it up and see what she could do then the thought occurred to me that I built this thing... I better slow down and wait for stuff to start falling off! While nothing feel off, upon turning into the driveway, I turned the wheel and tapped the brakes... I immediately went straight! hum... must have forgotten to install the little pin (key) in the steering wheel... :eek:

Good news was it was an easy fix...
So you'll be here the 7th of June, Hillside and Bell??

can't wait to see your ride, and shake your hand:cool:

Thanks guy's man it was a blast ,,now working on the little things and after reading LumenAl's post I looked at mine and sure enough I hadn't put the bolt in the steering shaft :eek: ,,THe 7th of June I am working night's..I am thinking I may change the front spindles and go disc brakes on the front ,,It was built with spare parts in the 70's..and I have upgraded just about everything else ,,,,,
Thanks again ,,
humm the stomach flue is going around ,,cough cough,,sniffle sniffle,,:liar:..
You do look a bit pale, maybe you should go lay down;)

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