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first start up is near


soon as i hook up electric fuel pump,install chrome rad hoses, set timing gonna fire it up for first time
Won't be long now!
Regardless of how many times I do that, I still get the shakes every time we fire up a new one. Your's looks like it is going to be a really good engine.


My Lil' buddy Barney would be proud of the Ray-ed :lol:
He like Ray-ed:think:

dusty dont know if you have a old set of headers to turn blue if not let me know and we can set you up with a pair joe
Man, I'm as antsy as I was getting mine ready! I know things will go great for you!
That's ok but the penalty for double posting is THREE pics of your build.LOL
Lookin' good.
What did you do with the drum brakes?

dusty e-mail a address or direction and I will drive mine over this weekend and compair red buckets as long as it does 'nt rain Im over by military and indan river rd.
did first start up,few minor problems,cheep electric fuel pump crapped out in 5 min,leaking freeze plug,other then that so far so good ,need mufflers back on loud inside ,shook stuff on shelves in garage

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