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"flame" shaped frame brackets for hairpins

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current layout size makes it 4 1/4 x 10 1/4, but im going to try to shrink that some w/o losing the visual appeal

what ya guys think so far?

They look cool, :cool: but I can't use them, my car is a 4 bar setup.
How are you going to mount them in with the hairpins and what will you use to cut them?
a short piece of .5" id tubing welded to the bottom side of the frame, with these welded to the outside of the frame would work quite well

i would have them laser cut
Depending on the final size, I think they would be an interestng addition to the right car. But I'm kinda partial to flames. :D
i am not sure about the frame brackets, but they would look real good to me as stiffening brackets welded between the two bars. maybe a 1/4 inch thick?
Or i'm thinking bumper/nerf bars hmmmm how much per pair?
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