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flashlight drags

I saw my first 1/8 mile drags a couple of years ago at a strip about 25 miles from here. The strip was a 1/4 mile strip when I was a kid but as the cars got faster and more of them kept ending up in the corn field at the end they shortened it. I'm glad they did. It is some of the most exciting racing I've seen in a long time.

One of the funny car drivers last weekend said that the NHRA should consider 1/8 mile for the fuel cars. I don't remember if it was Tim Wilkerson or who it was but he went on to say that most of the engine damage was during the last 1/8 mile so the shorter track would make it safer and less expensive to run with less breakage and a longer shut down area. I don't know if I could enjoy 2 1/2 second runs in top fuel and funny car but I sure enjoy it in the sportsman classes and bracket racing.

Enjoy the 1/8 mile experience. Steve
it was Jim Head that said he would not mind going to 1/8th mile at short tracks. He was very critical of NHRA and I do not blame him. Englishtown is WAY TOO SHORT for the speeds they are doing. Scott Kalitta was till doing 200 or so when he hit the sandtrap. He sailed right over the sand and into that STUPIDASS concrete barrier. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT CONCRETE BARRIER DOING THERE? Its only purpose is to kill a driver and it dang sure did. I put the blame ENTIRELY on NHRA, nobody else. NHRA killed Scott Kalitta. An absolute shame that should not have happened.

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