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flathead diff

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anyone had much to do with the old flatty diffs I have one out of a 1/2 ton truck open driveshaft what Im trying to work out is can I use 34 outer housings on this diff also will the backing plates fit
The housings on the pick up rear end are longer than the '34's. The brake backing plate won't bolt up because the holes are 7/16" in the '34 and 1/2" in the pickup. Because of the hole spacing, there isn't enough material to open them up.

I ran into the same problem on my '27. I opted to use a spring perch from P&J. Since I'm using a T rear spring I just bought the hangers out of the '40 Ford kit. If you are using an A spring, you can order the kit for the A spring on a "40 axle and you will get a pair of rear shackles too. If you want the spring further back from the housing, order the kit for the '48 rear with the A spring. There is something like a 1-1/2" difference.

This is the best pic I have on file of it. I can take a better one if you need it.


cheers thats a great help & will save me $$ Ive got a T rear spring & have some mounts made for another project that I have never started from a cd thats got T Bucket plans the mounts rap around the axle housing & you weld it on I think Ill go this way
If you are going to weld brackets for hair pins or bones, cut the spring mount loop so you are only welding once around the axle tube. Hope that makes sense. You don't want to put any more heat into that axle tube that you have to.


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