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For RocknT, since he couldn't...........


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make it down for the monthly cruise-in here in Amarillo, I thought I'd post a few pix of what he missed:razz:

there were about.....and this is a conservative estimate........about 200 cars this weekend. everything from '08 Corvettes and Vipers, 60's muscles cars, you name it. I took a few pictures, hope y'all don't mind me wastin' a litte band width:eek:
unfortunatly, there a very few T-buckets in this part of the country, dunno why:confused:

hope y'all enjoy




here are a few more


Thanks for the pics! Looks like some quality builds there.
OK, just a few more, to add insult to injury:lol::)



Nice rides there :cool:
Coupefreak said:
here are a few more


Did the 37 Sedan have Michigan plates?A guy in the club has a 37 with the identical paint job.(I have'nt seen him since the fall)
LumenAl said:
The coolest thing about car shows is a sense of survival... each one rescued and preserved for the world to enjoy...

Thats true, I'm doing a two day event this weekend, so I'll try to have some pics up tonite. :)
Speaking of Car Shows...

Went to a spring opener... small show... counted about 135 cars with a couple of other club members (Legends Car Club)... another club member sent me these shots...

This is my friends Camero... we've done a lot of work on it... nice car, he also has the 38 Chevy Deluxe, and we're building a 37 Chevy truck... (That's me sitting on my butt on the far right...)


This is Danny's 38 Ford... very nice car... clean clean clean... (took trophy for best in class, and took best of show)!


And of course yours truly...


while it did take best in class, my favorite part of the show is these two young girls just really enjoying themselves, taking pictures, etc. When I saw them by my car... I stepped up and said... "Jump on in there and I'll take your picture"... as you can see... They were grinning from ear to ear!


All in all... a good day!
Re: Speaking of Car Shows...

Man I hate Shift work ! and that is one of the reasons !!! Nice pictures Vance Thanks ! May be I can make it next month ,,I think Dalhart had a show this weekend to ?
A show here in the desert this weekend. :cool:
A couple more.
And finally Becky parked next to a skateboard. :)


An 05 Lambo. :cool:
I think it lives on that truck, a streched '48 Chevy COE. I don't know about some people. I'd of had to pull the bucket down too.
Re: Speaking of Car Shows...

RocknT said:
Man I hate Shift work ! and that is one of the reasons !!! Nice pictures Vance Thanks ! May be I can make it next month ,,I think Dalhart had a show this weekend to ?

I don't know about Dalhart, didn't know they had a show up there:confused:
maybe next month, Bro.:cool:


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