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For Sale?????????


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Wow. Can't believe it, but understand, just read all the threads about the site being in trouble. Mike let me say that this is one of the best site's that i've ever come across you have done an excellent job at maintaining. As a lot of you have stated I too am in your boat have been here for a while and not contributed. I will amend that in the future with new owner if an when that happens. This site for me has been a blessing i have learned soooooooo much an continue to every week. The people here are great lots of experience an talent my hats off to all of you. I sincerely hope that it continues to be and grow if this site falls by the way side it will be a true lose to the rodding community. Where else am i going to get the expertise of people like RPM. Youngster, Luminal and the such. You all have so much talent, I live in south Alabama an although there are some nice cars here hot rodding as a whole is not what it should be we have very few big shows and hardly any rod runs and few clubs I sometimes feel im in a desert with no one around me that speaks car like you guys do. Please please find a way to keep going i will send the money i can and do what it take for it to continue. Just my two cents,
Sincerely to all R. Thomas aka OptimusPrime

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