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From Sarbird show in Tulsa.

Really !
Jeez chopped, I just had to clean all the coffee off my keyboard! :eek: Amazing how some people don't mind displaying their complete lack of taste.
This guy must have a brother .......

This was on PA Craigslist in 2018

It's amazing what some people think looks cool. "You say toe-may-toe, I say toe- mah-toe . . . let's call the whole thing off !" :laugh:

Different.jpg Different . . ..jpg
Is that a 6-71 on top a tunnel ram atop a BBC? There's so much chrome on that engine, I can't tell. On that note, how many of you remember the "Pro Street" craze in the 80's? Does this reminded you?


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Nice. I don't see them like I use to 30 years ago. Occasionally I will see an old Camaro with traction bars hanging off the leaf springs. Or an muscle car with the a prominent rake so that the big rear tires can stick out from underneath the wheel wells.

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