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Front end adjustment?


I've seen post that suggest a little toe in to help with front end wobble. I have a little wobble at freeway speed and gets worse when I go to brake. I do not see how to adjust the toe in? I believe my front end is a 48? At least the brakes are 48. Thanks in advance.
I do have shocks. My next step is to replace the tires as they are old and do have a flat spot. The T was parked since 1993 and when we pulled it out the front brakes where rusted and the wheels would not turn. I'm just wondering about how I would adjust if needed.
Loosen the clamps on the tie rods that go between the spindles and turn the tube. Then retighten when done. Remember, tire wear on the outsides is too much toe in and conversly inner wear is excessive toe out.
since you did brake work have you rechecked the front spindle nuts to see if the adjustment is right for proper wheel bearing preload/

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