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Front shock mounts


Ron, I understand that you also make front shock mounts. Do have any pictures of them? I'm also interested in your headlight mounts.

Well here they are upside down. I can't get em to rotate. Anyway you get the idea.

Well I don't know what is going on. They are shown correctley in my post but NasT has them back like I posted them. I guess I did get them to rotate and didn't know it. Dang puters. I am much better at welding than puters.
Ron I recently saw a master cylinder with an under dash pedal that you had for sale, I believe on ebay but I couldnt find it again. Do you carry that as a regular item if so should I order it direct from you? due to the way I am running my exhaust there is no room for a floor mounted m/c ( which I allready have I tend to buy things before I really know what Im doing). Francis

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