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Funny video

If I was that guy I would be very careful, the female mind is very good at revenge.
That was cold blooded. :sad: Pranks are more fun when they're designed in such a way as to make the person getting pranked laugh to!

I can't even imagine what she has in store for him. :eek: Then he goes and publishes it all on the net. This guy is suicidal. She'll probably just dump em. :lol:

that guy is not very smart. baby powder like that could asphyxiate someone. not cool at all.
i might have to try that one. Ill be sure to not do it when she is getting ready for work. I think a sunday morning will be more appropriate. She can always take another shower. i would never tape it and show people though. Well, at least i wouldnt tell her if i did ;)
If you do, they say it only takes about four days for the swelling to go down enough so you can see a little out of them black eyes. :lol::lol::lol:
Funny but oh man I wouldnt be tryin it here! lolol looks like a good way to ruin a hair dryer...
While I thought it was funny and laughed like crazy I'd never have the nerve to try something like that.
I use to have a homade horn that looked like a small french horn. You would pour baking soda or whatever in it . It had a tag hanging on it with the words "Turkey call ". When we had a party we would load it and just set it on the coffee table. Buy the time the night was over SHAZAM some one would get currious and call the turkey. Of course the turkey was U. The old lady got tired of cleaning up the powder so i had to quit. That just prompted me to get the box marked candy that shocks the crap out of u when u open it HE HE HE.
You have learned the secret of the dance.

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