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G' Day from Australia


G'day all, just found this site while organising T Bucket parts and photos.
Good to see there is a great bunch of people to talk to about ideas, look forward to chatting (and help)..
Welcome from up above :ciao: Do you have a bucket yet or are you building?
Welcome to the site. Tell us about what you have in mind for your T. A verbal picture will do for now.

I have a McDonald Bros Racing body, a 302, C4 tranny. Just finishing a new shed athome to put it in.

Hey Bruce I was just in Henderson for the 4th celebrations, watched the fireworks in a park. Was about 115 degrees there. Just left the States after a few months travelling around up there. What a great place.

Thanks for the G,days and I will put some pics on when it's worthwhile. I am not real happy with the body but will make it work with filler and hard work.
Sorry LumenAl was close to Sammamish to, around Kirkland, Ballard area for a few weeks. Really nice spot you have there, liked it alot, what a place to cruise a bucket!!!!!!!!!
Welcome from the cold midwest. Had 32 this morning.
I gotta tell ya, your avatar cracks me up each time I see it. Looks like my uncle!!!!

G'day all, 32 thats cold Putz, no cruzin today.

I hope my Avatar looks like nobodys uncle, was sent to me by my wife, not sure if she's trying to tell me something with it....

Is the mts of Kentucky the Cumberland Mountain range Bill4u6??????

This site rocks, plenty of good information and friendly people....

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