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Galler access denied - SOLVED


New Member
I'm trying to figure out the gallery and I first go to profile, then click on gallery. When I start a new album it doesn't let me choose a category. Then a prompted comes up at the top and says "access denied"

Can anyone walk me through this?
It may not be activated yet I get the same thing . ?
I think I read in another thread that Mike hasn't activated the gallery yet.
Thanks guys, I thought it was my inability to understand takes me longer than most.

I have some wicked photos to post of ideas I have for my paint, I know it;s early for that but I'm a planner type of fella. :rofl:

OK, here's where we are -

The Gallery has thrown a couple of errors and I want to be sure it is working before I run it wide open.

There is just one category at present.

There was another permission matrix I had yet to uncover, but that has all been handled. I think.


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