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Gas tank auction!


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To help kick off the building season. RPM is going to auction off a gas tank. We have in stock the Total Performance tanks, Spirit tanks for the 23 and 27 cars. We will also build a custom tank for you. AS LONG AS IT IS RECTANGULAR and for a T Bucket. We are not going to do one for Granpas Semi that holds 100 gallons! LOL

We will run the bidding thru Feb 14 and end it at mid night. These tanks sell for $170.00 plus shipping is about $30.00. So this is a $200.00 value.

The winner will PayPal the webmaster, He will let know it has been paid and we will ship the tank.

NO OVERSEAS bidders on this please. If you have a special tank in mind please contact us before you bid on this. Our email is or give us a call 865-932-7541
i'll start at $75 ........

Let's make it $77.50

Ron can I pick up it up if I win?

I'll bid $95. :shrug:
And $130 from the old guy in Minnesota ......

I'll go 160.00
If you guys make me I will just go 170.00 + 30 bucks shipping
next bid
I really want and need a tank
Thanks Frank

Remember guys this ain't just for a gas tank, this money will help keep this great web site we all enjoy so much up and running. As you all will agree Mike the Webby does a great job. Just a way to say a great big thank you for a job:

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