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gas tank

dave kreis

New Member
rpm how many gallons are your tank, if i gave you some demisions for a little bigger tank would the price be out of
a 10 gallon tank is plenty for a T. even if you are trippin' with it, no mater what your gas mileage is, you are going to want to get out and stretch every 100 miles or so. but hey, that's a small price to pay for driving such a cool car!

I have one of Ron's tanks in my T. He built it to my specs and it's 14 gallons. I spec'ed it to basically completely fill my pickup box, thinking it would be good to have maximum capacity (not having cruised in a T before). Now after three seasons of driving the T, I'm going to have Ron build me a smaller tank. Youngster is right about needing to stop and stretch your legs every once in a while (for me, an hour is about all I can stand, er sit, in the T. The other thing I had not anticipated when spec'ing the larger tank was leaving room in the pickup box for a small tool kit and a folding chair.
If you want to spec your own tank. Here is the formula for figuring out the gallons. Length x Width X Height. That will give you the cubic inches of the tank. Then there are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. Divide the cubic inches by 231 and you will have how many gallons that new tank will hold.

When specing a tank keep in mind our filler necks stand about 2" above the top of the tank. We can make it as tall as you like, if you want the filler to stick above the lid on the box. So you don't have to open the lid to fill er up.

We can also do a flat filler by using a top section for a racing fuel cell.
thanks i will get the spec for you i have to stuff a 10lb nitrous bottle and the fuel pump along with the battery 10 lb of crap in a 5 lb bag i have 3.00 gears thinking of putting in some 3.25's so milage should not be a problem getting a 100 miles out of a tank. my 23 t 350 with 2 450 holleys on a weind tunnel ram with nitous approx 375hp with a 100 shot nitous thanks everyone dave
Nitrous on a bucket thats daring.
RPM said:
Ahh but what if the blower guy puts nitrous on with a blower? :D

They'll have racing stripes

brown ones:rofl:
sound like a match in the makin' here.

Now who is the daring one, nitours and a blower, better pull on them boot straps and get ready for your butt cheaks to tighten. that sounds fun if all goes well i will be at the bucket head bash in 2009 i plan on seeing my daughter that lives by branson mo

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