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Gear Drive

Blue Bucket said:
Does anybody have a gear drive installed? What is you opinion of this setup? How difficult to install? :cool:

I have a Pete Jackson in the blower motor. It was easy to install. However it is VERY loud, along with the blower the car can be heard over a mile away.
Buy a name brand gear drive I bought a cheap one and instead of the gear spinning on the shaft the whole shaft spun made a terrible noise and wore the timing cover. Have installed pete jackson before had no problem with these . You don't need to get the loud ones to get the nice whine.
I have run a loud one and a quit one the load one is real loud. You can still hear the quit one over the engine. If you want to run it for the sound buy one. If you want one for performance are reliability . Just buy a good true double roller chain. The gear drive takes more power to run then a chain and puts a load on the cam and bearings. But it works and I have never had a problem with one.
I was going to put one in my T because I like the whine, but got talked out of it by popular consensus on another forum. People told me they caused some problems and that they had pulled out lots of them for customers and reinstalled a simple double roller chain setup. So that is what I went with.

I've been told they are cool for a week. Then you want to pull it out and chuck it.
Its funny how this topic has just came up I had just pulled mine out about three weeks ago . Mine was a summet brand the one with the two idler gears . The reason for the removal was that the idler shaft had woddold out the outer dog bone and pushed the shaft out of the timeing chain cover. cousing a oil leak. The oIl leak was the only sign of something going on . This gear set has been in for about 2 years now. Not happy with the findings I went back to the old reliable dubble roller and a new cover.Can post a pic latter if ask .
i had a noisey pj one in the sbc in my 47 ford sedan, it was easily fitted and never gave any probelems and the car was used daily for a while noise was o.k. as i liked it, i`m now looking for one one for a 215ci buick but we can`t get them here, anybody ever seen one for an early buick over your side o the water,

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