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Its about to hit big up here in a hurry, the syracuse nationals are this weekend!

theres certain hotrods around here i see all the time, but there were a few ones that showed up at a popular drive in spot today that made me get on the ground and figure them out.

I apologize now for 1 not having a camera on me to show you guys and 2 nit picking it

it had a apearance like the old model A tubs through what i'm assuming is 2 T bodies fused together with a custom carson style top streching the length. I was able to see a few small imperfections on the driver side where they put it together(once i got 4 inches away from it) but none on the passenger side. it had the normal seats for the front part of the bucket and the back was a raised platform, hollowed out on the bottom for the fuel cell and a second radiator with a electric fan. Big block chevy with a 6-71 fed by 2 demon carbs(thus the need for the 2nd radiator). Awsome job on this thing, made me want to puke thinking of the $$ that must have gone into it.

I wish the person who drove it there was around so i could ask questions...

in any event I promise to bring a camera to the nationals with me at least one day(i'll be going for 2 so i can hopefully see everything) so this dosn't happen again.
I have 6 pics up from the nationals, tried to get a nice little mix of 6 for you all. Was hard getting pics to come out from the blinding sunlight and massive amounts of chrome on some of them. if you want some more posted up, let me know.
WOO HOO! Thanks for the pics! Man, I can't wait to go to my first event!:D
I'm liking the flame job on the T that had the for sale sign. It's got me rethinking my color choice again.:confused:
Hey Nailbomb, thanks for posting the photos, I love looking at the different variations. I will try and post some after I go to the Streetrod Nationals in Louisville in a couple of weeks, I can't wait.
Glad you guys liked them, the event was great, really hard to see everything there though. I went for 2 days straight and i know I still didn't see everything. The second day even more cars showed up, and heres the kicker, you couldn't save parking spots, so everyone was moved around! Theres no doubt in my mind i could have gone back sunday and seen more i missed the first 2 days. I don't think a 3rd day would have been so well for me though, i spent a good amount of time friday and saturday 2 fisting the beers, sunday i needed a rest.

And as far as the T, get your basic colors down first, you can always have flames added later. I really wish some of the pics would have come out better, there was one i took that had black with a champange colored flames and 2 more layers of ghost flames done over that in more transparent candy paint. Really nice, but you can't see it in the photo:-(

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