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George (GAB) Barnes


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Some of you might well remember George (GAB) Barnes as a member here. He dropped out of site probably 5 years ago. While working in the Kansas City area around 1213 or2014 I was fortunate enough to meet him while working in the Scarab shop. I and another member here ran across him from time to time. Somewhere in that time frame I quit receiving emails from him but still spoke to him via call phone. Also saw him one more time as his daughter lived not to far from the last shop I was working and he would stop by. After that I never heard back from him again. So that brings me to today.

GAB or as I called him The Other George at one time had a company called ( I Think) Tubular Dynamics. He built a number of products for the hot rod market and other hot rod shops. Absolutely one of the craftiest men that I have ever met. Also the most humble and knowledge sharing man I have ever known. Over the years I kept trying to contact including checking the obituaries in his area but found nothing. Saw this on FB a few days ago and decided to do a search again.

Originally built by Larry Ryan and George Barnes in Kansas City. I forwarded this to a friend that has known GAB much longer then me but he wasn't sure about the IDs in that photo so I did a obituary search again and came up with this. He will be missed by many.
Rest In Peace My Friend!

The Other George or as he called me South George

George Barnes Obituary (1940 - 2021) | Kansas City, Missouri
Why did you call him the "Other George" ?

GAB was a member here long before me. As my name is also George I would respond as the Other George. He being in north Kansas City, Missouri and me living in Arkansas caused him to call me South George. Just a little ID amusement. Also for some reason the photo I had included in my first post failed to magically appear. As I am on a laptop and having some vision issues right now I won't attempt to reattach it right now. I will be back in my shop sometime tomorrow and have access to a big screen monitor. Will try it again at that time. Should be a lot of post from GAB on this forum and his great solid models are well worth your time to look up.
What a shame. He was a great one for helping out with a computer generated picture of parts we were thinking about but couldn't draw ourselves.

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