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Geting a good body the first time


I think its important to get a good body the first time out. A lot of guys spend way to much time and effort going over everything with a fine tooth comb. The fact is people have to use is common sense. Put things into perspective. You arent building a baby grand piano,however, you dont want a piece of crap either. Just use common sense.A good figure is 300-900 dollars. The latter being a body with a door, stretched out, a floor, a dash,tunnel for trans,rear bed,etc. The 300 dollar figure is for a basic body with no floor or bed. There are guys I know that spend as little as 3,000 to build a finished T to 65,000 to build a finished T. The 65k one is a show stopper, and the 3,000 dollar one is a rat rod.
You're logic here is sound but buyer be aware.The first T i built(or tried to)came from MAS a speed shop and it was of the $300.00 variety.well problams arose very quickly as NO available windshields fit this body.Speedway or Total.As some know the molds for these bodys SHRINK after so many hot to cold cycles so the body you get kinda looks ok but it's not.Also if the bodys are removed from the molds to soon and stored in a awkward way the warp kinda twisted .So beware you get what you pay for.At the other end i payed alot for the Total Aniversary body and found out from Brian that the thickness of the fiber glass was rather thin and it was due to cost savings.So DUE YOUR HOME WORK WEL.Hope this helps.
Thanks for the advice guys. I'm getting close and my research is in the advanced stages. It's all about the research.

Rick, I'm leaning towards the Total body because the chassis is from them. I'm going to have them install the floor and wood kit. I'll probably have them drill the guage holes too. I figure if is going to get messed up, they may as well do it. I got a nice tip for the interior from an old hot rodder I met. You guys will just have to wait and see how she comes out.

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