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A TH350 short tail and a 2004 R are the same length from the bellhousing to the end of the shaft. So the driveshaft (27 spline) will work with either. The difference lies in the fact that the cross member for the 2004R needs to be back 6 5/8" further than it would be for a TH-350. A 700 R4 also uses a 27 spline driveshaft but it would need to be 3 inches shorter than one for a th350 or 2004R. The 700 R4 cross member needs to be 2 1/8" further back than it would be for a th350. Th200-4r also have a .67 to 1 overdrive ratio whereas a 700 R4 has .70 to 1. The 700 R4 has a 3.06 to 1 first gear compared to 2.74 for the 2004R.



More Information at TCI - TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Transmission Dimensions[/URL]

Note: This is information that was posted by Hellraiser79... all I did was format it up a little to make it easier to read. Felt it was great information to post here in the tech area...
Hey thanks. Now it looks like i wanted it to when i originally posted it. I cant take all the credit though, its all on There is a wealth of information on their site. I especially like the calculator to figure out what size speedo gears you need. Thanks again to LumenAL for reposting this.

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