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Going price for a 23t title?

Keeper said:
Anyone have any info on what a title for a 23t is worth? I told there is someone up my way that has 4 for sale, but did not get a price. So before I get a shock whats the going rate?

Most of the places that sell titles get $150.00 or more for them.
I paid $285 for mine, if memory serves me right. I got it on Ebay. I've seen them go for cheaper, but at the time, it was the only one I could find.
Keeper said:
Okay thanks. I will let you know what he is asking (he does have 4 of them)

Are they all Canadian titles, and if so does anyone know how hard it is to transfer one to the states. I realize that this depends on the state, anyone know anything about Wisconsin?
I do not have any info on the titles yet. Other than there are 4. Hopefully the person will get back to me soon. I am hoping they are Ontario titles.

When I moved up here I brought my 68 Camaro up it was as simple as walking into the DMV with the old title and they switched it over.

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