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Goodbye TC...


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Had to put my buddy down today....
he was 14 and getting pretty blind and deaf..
only had energy to eat and sleep.
he's out of pain now and in a better place....
Sorry to hear that it is hard to go through something like that. We had a 7 year old rottweiler that got a brain tumor and we held her for her last breaths after the shot.
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, losing a beloved pet is never easy....
I lost my ole gal last year . She is waiting for me . When i cross over her and i got some more fishin to do.
Track-T, words can not express my sorrow and sense of loss for you. In time there will be another.
Remember, they all go to Heaven.

So sorry for your loss, we too have lost several 4 legged children in the last few years, all fairly young to different ailments and it never gets easier. Please don't dwell too long on this and a new friend was the best therapy for me, probably my most favorite companion I have ever had, Eddie :pray:
Sorry for your loss. I've been there a couple times and found the best remedy is to adopt another. They truly are a mans best friend.
mate-its just as bad over here-you sort of expect them to be around forever and their old age sneaks up on ya.condolances from afar and theres a reason why they are know as "mans best friend".
It really can be hard to lose a fur kid, because they always show us unconditional love. Good day or bad, they are always there to welcome you home.

I was adopted by a Persian kitty about 5 years ago and she is the first cat I've ever had. I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for another just like her, but I wouldn't take a gazillion dollars for her, either.

How's the old joke go - lock your dog and your significant other in the trunk of your car for an hour and notice which one licks your hand when you open the trunk. :toast:

I'm with Fred, just keep your eyes and your heart open and you will end up being adopted by another friend. And TC will meet you at The Bridge, so it's a win-win.
I just said goodby to a long time friend.a sheltie i had for 16 years, she was always
waiting for us when we got home and a good watch dog.
My wife would say is there somebody outside and i would say did you hear lady barking , if not then there is nobody there.
Most of the time when you find someone
who loves animals they have a good heart for people too.
ford4ever said:
Sorry for you loss Jim. Pets are sometimes harder for us to lose then humans..
Thats because they are often better people. Lost my cat of 18 yrs at christmas.
I feel your pain.

I have sworn that I won't have another pet. But that's me. I get WAY too attached to them and it's so hard to lose them.
We had many animals on our small farm when I was growing up, but 3 affected me hard; a collie/shepard mix we had for 14 years (got him when I was 2), a cat I had for 21 years (she was an amazing creature.. so smart) and a golden lab mix for only 1 and 1/2 years (he was riot).
The rough part is that animals usually run to me even when their "owners" say that the animal is anti-social. Maybe it's the smell... ;)

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