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got a kick out of this lil story

so over on my "local" car forum theres a thread about "have you ever run from the cops"

obviously some of us have, because we were young and stupid ... but this persons lil story got me laughing:

"Someone I know" passed a cop while speeding in the country. When he saw the cop pulling a U-turn he quickly ducked into the nearest driveway. The cop pulled into the driveway behind him, gets out and walks up to my friend's car. He's angry and asks "What's the address of this house?" which my friend doesn't know the answer to. Obviously busted the cop says "This is the house of one of the town judges, I was stopping here to drop off some paper work. The only reason I made a U-turn was because I missed the driveway, not to pull you over." Finally, the cop says "I'm going to back out from behind you and I want you to back out of this driveway and not even think about doing this again."


i however have never run from the cops :rolleyes:

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