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Graphic Artist?


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Do we have a Graphic Artist here to design up, so business type cards for the site that the members can print out? That way they can pass them out at shows, and maybe get more traffic through here.
GREAT IDEA Bruce. I'll chip in if there is a cost involved.

Thanks, I figured that if someone on the board could design it, and Webmaster approved the design. Everyone could just print out there own to pass out. Only costs are paper and ink.
Here is an idea Yogi came up with, so something along these lines. It needs to be user friendly, so we can all print them at home.

I love it! Great idea and that's a cool design, too!:lol:
Would be cool to lnsert your own car onto the cards
A ginairic t-bucket art design( drawing) on the the card given out,helps tell the one gitting it that the site listed is not just for the one guy he talked to,vs using your own rod pic on a card,kind of means it's all about you.
So if you'd like to get new guys to check out the group iy's better to just have a drawing of a T-bucket.
Now that's just my thinking about it,but I though I'd saysome here,having had market training.;)
We had B cards back in the 1950's and 60's with our CC name on them,to give to anyone we helped out on the road,so they knew thay had been helped by a hotrodder.
The logo on the forum looks nice. Why not that one?
I'm with Fred. If we use the forum logo, who ever comes here will know they're at the right place.

I like it too. Webmaster whatcha think?

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