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who sells do it yourself graphics. I want something different ( no flames ) but I'm not sure what. i have a wierd red color, not candy apple. Any suggestions ?
Some sign co. do what they call a wrap like what you would see on buses ,comercial vehicals for advertisments. they can print out any kind of fancy grafic you might be looking for.
Around here you can go to Insty-Prints and have a vinyl wrap done. A few years ago, there was an artical in I think Street Rodder, where they did this to the dash on a '35 Ford sedan deliverys dash. Anyone remember that?

I didn't see that article, but I saw a whole body wrap done on a Power Block episode. It looked great. Also, keep that in mind the next time you watch a NASCAR race or just about any race. They all seem to use it. That's probaly how all the specialty logos are done on some of the cars. They aren't repainting cars, they're just changing the wrap.

Like a diaper.:lol: Sorry, couldn't resist.:eek::lol:
Here in town the local sign painting company can do this. They make both permanent and temporary graphics. Most of the stock car racers around here use them. We used them to put logos on our Boy Scout Troop equipment trailer and it turned out great. The permanet ones are thinner than the temporary ones. They are also super sticky so have someone help as two hands aren't enough!

It's been a couple years, but if I recall they just wanted a fairly high resolution image in most any popular graphics format (jpeg, gif, etc.)

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