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Greetings from Connecticut!


New Member
Hellooooo everyone...My name is Tom from Connecticut!

I'm new....but not so new to this forum (was registered under a different name about a year ago..never really posted much, lost my email address, you of those "one timers!" LOL...)

Anyway... a little bit about me!!

41 years old...been out of work since May due to ROTATOR CUFF surgery...Been a Heavy Equipment Mechanic for some time...presently out on Short term Disability...looking to open my own "SHOP" in the very near future. I Can't be climbing on top of machines lugging hyd. cyclinders and getting covered in oil all day...had enough of that!!!

I have always been fabricating since I can remember...and would like to combine my mechanical skills with my passion of performance vehicles...still determining what route to take....but in due time it will all fall together!

I DO NOT have a T-Bucket as of yet....But plan on building one this up-coming mid-winter.

I'm presently just finishing up a 1930 Model A Fordor project (see pictures below). I should have this all wrapped up by this Christmas.

I never built a bucket..but they seem pretty straight forward. Actually looking forward to working on something that I don't need to do a ton of bodywork/rust repair as my present project has roped me into! But would do it again!!

I'll end up doing my own frame...I'm a big block Chevy gonna get one of those as well!!

Never had a BLOWN car thinking the T-Bucket may just be first one!

Sooo...looking to hang out/ chit-chat with you up some friendships and what-not, and of course have a good time!

Here are a couple shots of my current project:

1930 Model A Fordor
2x3x.250" Frame
6" front "Z"
18" rear Kick-up
Chopped 6"
Channeled 3"
454 Engine (Very mild..maybe 400 hp at flywheel)
Turbo 350 Tranny---Yes a is built and have run many a bigblock with em'!
Ford 8.8" rear
Coker 3" WWW skinny tires all around
Speedway Front disc brakes
oh...the list goes on!!

The car is in the BODYWORK/PAINT stage right now. These were my MOCK-UP photos

Front View in Black and White....

Side View right before I broke the car down for body/paint work

Here was a quick windows "PAINT" thingy I did to see what it will look like with paint...

It will be a SATIN BLACK and just not sure yet about the flames

Guess thats it for now!!!

Welcome Tom :hb:
Welcome we can always use a new point of view. As you know no 2 buckets are alike.
Welcome back Tom, I really like your current project.
Good eye Tom and welcome to the site from Oklahoma.
Welcome to the site Tom. Can't wait to see what you can do with a bucket.

Thanks everyone for the welcome/welcome back!! Appreciate it!!!

Got a few ideas stuck in my head....I like a LONG WHEELBASE car...I know it makes turning a bit more challenging....but that is the style "I" like....soooo

My "IN BRAIN" thought as of now is to make an extra long exteded body...something like an addition 30" to the body length. Being 6' tall and 250 lbs...I LIKE LEG ROOM!!! This would also give me behind the seat storage.

I would also like a pick-up bed on the back as well..rear axle to be centered into the bed area allowing me to get it LOW!.....something around a 48" bed.

Guestimate on wheelbase would be around 130"

Car will be low and long. Blown Big Block Chevy, Full length sidepipes, Slant back windshield, low seating ( hate the look some buckets have when the driver looks like he's gona fall out cause he's seated so high!)

Those are the thoughts anyway! :welcome:
Welcome Tom,

As a diesel mechanic, you would feel right at home dropping the new 2010 4.5 L Duramax into your T. Since this engine can fit any application that a small block gasser fits, I would LOVE to some day upgrade to this motor. That would be a Track-T that gets 50 mpg enroute to Speed Week on the salt flats, then same car gets you into the 200 mph Club and then with gear and tire changes, stop off at the drag strip. Kinda the Swiss army knife of hot rods IMHO.


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