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handy stuff in the tool cabinet.


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I started in high school on the ranch and we had an arc welder, drill, grinder and a good socket set and wrenches and the big hay stacker fork lift.. great for pulling engines and bodies.. We just turned up the heat on the arc welder to cut ( burn.) and learned the heat and poke method to trim metal. Today I use my Milwaukee portable band saw. to cut most of the time I use it a lot more than the other saws, For chassis layout I have the carpenters layout GOMITO square, A T cast about 3 inches wide can get a good scribe on 2 sides of square stock. When aligning parts to tack weld I have a box of horse shoe nails. They are miniture wedges. put in a couple of tacks with a gap to get good penetration, let it cool off and wedge it back into alignment.. with the nails..To attach stuff to the frame... I use 3/8 nuts welded, inset. First I sand off all the cad-zinc plating. I use my step cone drill bit (unibit) to ream out the hole until it is just smaller than the nut. the bit chamfers the hole... screw in a long bolt then tap the nut in the hole for a flush press fit, use a square to align it then weld it in place... remove the bolt and clean out the threads with a tap. I bought an old wall mounted lamp for a buck at a garage sale. It had the x patern sissor expander to streatch it out. I removed the lamp and brackets and to get even hole spacing expand it out to fit and mark the x locations. a lot faster than a tape measure and doing the math. More later when i look around.

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