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Hank's T again (I hope)


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I'm going to see if I can post more than one pic this time. I appreciate you all being patient with me learning this site.

You have a great build goin' there Hank. I like it!! Is the red frame any indication of the final color?

Tip...Make sure that bung in the spindle steering hoop is welded in pretty good. I had one of them come loose once. Now I add a gusset to the inside.

Nice Hank, looks great. :cool:
Thanks for the heads up on the steering loop. I didn't think about that happening.
When you here where the paint came from, you will probably laugh me out of here. It is Ford Tractor Red from TSC. They have really good prices on plain old enamel paint, and you can even get hardner for it there. I also used their good old red oxide primer. Most everybody uses more exotic paints now days, but I don't know much about them, and hot rodders been using enamel paint for a long time, so maybe it will hold up for a while. If it gets messed up, and I'm sure it will, I'll just repaint it.
The headers came from Jerry Stahl in Kit form. I welded them up myself, then had them ceramic coated from a place in Nashville called Nitro Plate. Extremely nice people, and very fair price. They really did a nice job on them. I still haven't decided on a color for the body yet. I'm thinking about a cream color, but far enough away to not let it worry me too much. I'm in the titling process right now. That is probably going to take a while to get done, but I'm using a new law just passed by the state to allow me to legally title the car to what it most closely remembles. I am going to be able to handle it all through my local courthouse, and not have to make any trips to the DMV in Nashville with the car. It is a new law designed for guys building kit cars or cars from scratch. You can title the car as a home built or a replica. Legal and transferable title............I was very concerned about getting it done to the letter of the law in case I ever wanted to sell the car.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.

I was going to post more pics but a little sign came up that said I was over my limit. What do I do about that? Wait a while to post more? I'm still learning how to use the site.


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