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Happy Easter

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...that's just too funny!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!

I can smell ham cooking right now. My sister makes the best deviled eggs.Then we take the neices and nephews and go fly kites burn off what we ate.Oh yeah we have 5 gallons of homemade cranberry wine and twelve pack of homeade beer.I got the cranberries last year I worked a couple of weeks at a cranberry marsh during harvest.
That should really top off your Easter.Sounds good.
It's chilly and overcast in central Oregon. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter. Mine has been great with my youngest son surprising us by driving down from Portland.
Well ive had corn flakes and the flew for Easter thanks a lot.
Only Rooster could catch the "flew"
I know it sucks. The wife is makin me some biscuits eggs and bacon so it all lookin up. I know it seems strange for the Rooster to have eggs but what can i say i likum

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