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headlight brackets


Is anyone running these brackets from Ron, Do they shake while driving

If you find they do, run a 1/2" tube between the mounts with a washer on each end to slip over the stud on the light bucket.

akitagandy said:
Is anyone running these brackets from Ron, Do they shake while driving

Yes, they are going to shake horribly! I'll trade you my aluminim posts for them immediately. Please. LOL

The metal looks plenty thick enough. You'll find that a little shake is expected with all lights.
Those are similar to the sketch I did when I built mine back in 1992 or so. George took my sketch and made a computer 3D drawing. Mine are 3/8" and they DO NOT move.
1/4" with a shock mount added, to form a combo bracket, now you are talking, but just a quarter inch mount all by itself??, I tried that years ago and without the cross bar, things shook a bit much for me. I like the lights to be mounted solid myself... 3/8" or a cross bar for sure, I use a combo mount plus a cross bar that the lights are mounted on, a bit narrower this way, an older look coming down the road... Happy crusin what ever you choose. the shacks will crack things apart in time... :)
i made mine out of 3/8 alum plate i cut out on a bandsaw, then made a break in a couple of spots then polished. They dont vib to speak of.

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