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Heat blocking material

It's purely speculation on my part, but I wouldn't think the floors would get that warm in a T. The exhaust is outside the body lines, so there's not much there to create heat. And the engine is not enclosed, so air flow will probably carry away that heat. I guess the trans would be a heat source, though, wouldn't it?
I've never heard of heat being a problem in a bucket, unless you live where I do!:lol: A front pushed our temps down into the sixties! Brrrrrrrrrr......... Now, I'll wait for Ricks response.;)

I'm guessing the only time you would need protection would be if the exhaust ran underneath the body. It seems like it wouldn't hurt in that instance. Otherwise, no, I've never seen it needed.
I thought about it for a couple reasons. First for a added layer of safety from fire, then also wouldn't it make the fiberglass a little more rigid?

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