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Hello All from Bedford, TX


New Member
Hello all..... Just got a 26T this past weekend & enjoying it already. i'm a chopper guy myself but my Lil Ole Lady wanted a Bucket so I traded off on of my bikes for her one... I love this site.. Its full of knowledgeable
People such as yourselves & Im sure Ill be in need your help in the future!!

Are any of you from the DFW area?? Looking for meets & car shows around here

Thanks!!! H-Man & KK
Welcome, There are quite a few Bucketheads in North Texas. I'm in Flower Mound.
Welcome to the group, sorry I'm not any where near you I'm in Northern Illinois.
Nice lookin ride Highman. You're gonna love it here. You won't find a greater bunch of guys on any other site. Welcome to the brotherhood!!

Howdy from up Amarillo way :cool:

Hello from far, far , far......................................West Texas!:cool:
Sweet ride!!!!!!! Welcome to the forum, lots of info. Need more pics from the front end.
Again welcome.
Welcome, I live in Az, orginally from Oklahoma, which is located just north of the wasteland known as "Baha Oklahoma." Just kidding guys!!

I recently sold, to my wife's relief, my twin Screamin' Eagle Fatboys and two buckets. I am down to the one and only "Billet-T", which I will sell upon completion. My plans are being drawn up to build a "Monster-T", which I own the mold for. I acquired it from the old Paramount Studios.
Welcome from a little ways up north. We like front end/motor pics.
Welcome :D

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