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Hello all !!!


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Im new to the forum and hope to have a t bucket soon. I am only 22 years old but i have been amazed with t buckets since I was born. Still trying to learn some stuff about the buckets.

I was just wondering what would be best for me. I am pretty good with autos so would it be best or cheaper to build one or buy one from someone ??

Hi Jamie!


There are a lot of positions your question could be answered from. If you have the cash to be able to buy a completed car, that is probably a good way to go. You're probably going to get that car cheaper that it would cost you to duplicate it.

However, you are then stuck with a lot of the previous owner's decisions. Paint, interior, gauge placement and the engine modifications are going to be his choices and not your own.

If you are a "masochist" like some of us ;), then you will be wanting to spend the hours building it yourself. I am in the position where I cannot afford to spend a large sum of money, first of all. Second, I want the finished product to be the result of my own efforts and decisions. So I would never have considered the option of purchasing a complete car.

I think the best advice anyone can give you is to take your time, explore all of the available options and then go with whatever makes you feel the best.

I look forward to seeing you around the forum!

Hello Jamie:
Mike has a lot of very good information in his post, but I would like to add a few things. If you buy a car that someone else has built you don't know how that car has been used or abused. I looked at one that was for sale a couple of years ago and it looked good at a distance but upon closer inspection I found that the car had some problems including a bad weld repair to one corner of the frame and electrical wiring that was a total mess. If you shop carefully I think you could build a car at a reasonable price that you would be proud of. If you do look at some completed cars please take someone with you that has some experience with streetrods and they can help you really check it out. Sometimes that paint and chrome is what we look at and not the fine details of how the car was built. Just enjoy yourself and ask a lot of questions.
Re: Welcome

what is best is a matter of opinion, and what is cheaper is a simple financial matter.

Its probably cheapest to get a incomplete project off someone else. I've seen cars that just needed little things like brake lines and radiator hose to complete, for just over the price of a total kit.

but... my recomendation is to look around first, figure out what you like more or less, and find your best rout to completion. Shop around, Look around, take notes. Your build will go smoother with more knowledge, and you'll like you finished project more knowing what is out there and available to you.
Welcome Herc charger to our forum. By the way it is the best forum going. I've noticed that most t's for sale are of the older versions. Very little room and looks like your riding on top of the car rather than in it. Your young, take your time and do it up right. Look for a locale club that have a couple of t owners and check them out.


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