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Hello All


Another new guy here just checking in. I had made a short introduction replying to a post on the chassis thread but thought Iwould say hello here. The name here is Dale and I am located in deep South Texas near the border with Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley. I am about 3 1/2 years into putting a Total car togather and it's about ready to license and hit the road.
I am really enjoying everyones input here.
I have always wanted a Tbucket since my teen years (58 now!) but life and other diversions have a way of eating up the years. Decided to jump on it in 2004 before I got to old to get down on the garage floor and work on one! I've been having a ball getting this far and look forward to getting on the road!
Welcome Dale

Is that your car we see? If so, sure looks good. You will enjoy the men on this forum I'm sure.

Welcome aboard, Dale! Our numbers are growing. We may need designated parking spots when we meet up!:rolleyes:

It's good to see another T Bucket is ready to hit the streets. Don't forget to post some pics. We LOVE to see pics. Ask Thomas. We badgered the poor guy to death!:lol:
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Yes Thomas thats' my car in the pic. Its a Total car with a 350/350 combination and the fiberglass insert for seating. I've made a few blasts around the neighborhood with it but don't have it licensed yes. I am trying to get the insurance papers off this week then go get it inspected and licensed as soon as I get the policy back. When I figure out how things work here I'll post some pics. I am enjoying seeing everyone elses cars and build projects.

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