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Hello all


I abonded and sold my original T bucket project several years ago due to monetary issues, but thankfully I have recovered and am looking to start over.

I built my original frame from scratch up to a roller, and then sold it. This time around I am going to start with a body and work from there...stance is where it's at for me. It needs to be low and fast. Basically, I'm glad I sold it only because I learned from my first mistakes. It sat too high, and I needed to put more of kick up in the rear.

Just collecting parts for now. :cool:
:welcome:Welcome Oldskoolguy pull up a chair and have at it.You'll find a bunch of guys here who range from pro builder to novise but everyone has a different twist on things so any questions?Ask away.Input on something?Jump in with your two cents worth.
Welcome Oldskoolguy, collecting parts is a never ending process. There is quite a bit of info here.
:lol: to every one! This place is really growing here lately.
Welcome and glad you're picking up the addiction again! :D

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