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hello all


New Member
alot of you all might recognize me from the ntba.figured i would go ahead and register here too.i have been looking around on here for sum time and seeing some interesting posts.looks like this is a pretty cool site.i have been building my second attempt at a t bucket for about a year now and hope to have it finished in a few months:D.just wanted to introduce myself to all and hope to visit frequently.thanks Dan
Glad to have you! Thanks for the intro.:beer:
Welcome Dan. Feel free to chime in anytime.

Welcome Dan :beer:
Me Too......Say Hello Baby Huey.....Hello

:lol: I am NEW to this Forum, some may know me from the NTBA, and I am also on the Ol Skool Rodz forum as "62 cad"...
Glad to see some new names over here, I hope I can help in some way.
I have been building my bucket of scrap for 6 years or more now. I'm using a CCR stretched, smooth, Door body with a CCR "Sport Deck" and interior . Power is 62 Caddy 390 /Schnieder cam /AFB carb with a Caddy trans, 9" ford rear. Front axle /brakes is Speedways, Steering is 66 Ford Mustang, Wheels are Pete Paulsen, tires are BFG.
Hopefully it will be driveable this summer but I'm not holdin my breath.....Glad to meet you guys !! Baby Huey ( Jack Nemeyer) NW Orygun
Hey, Baby Huey, Good to see you over here, You will like it here. Nutter orygon boy:D
Welcome aboard BH. You know me as KOALA T on the NTBA boards. I'm sure you will enjoy the informative atmosphere here and you'll recognize quite a few names I am sure.
Welcome to the site BH. I've read some of your posts on ntba. Glad to see you here too.

Thank's From baby Huey...

Thank's Guys !! Soon as I I figger this site out I'll try to post a few build pics and try to be somewhat helpfull...LOL.
I just noticed there is a intro thread, I guess I screwed up already, I'll try to "fix" that later....."BH"
Don't be afraid to screw up.......I do it all the time:eek:

Welcome to our little slice of cyberspace


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