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Hello from Christchurch New Zealand

Its about 2 degrees celcius outside from an antartic blast from the south. So the buckets in the shed & Im inside playing on the computer keeping warm.

My 23T bucket has an oversize 454 in it and a 671 blower :D and the traditional powerslide and limited slip 9 inch. We built it as a street car (dyno'd a 623 hp) that we would take racing a few times a year, and so far have got down to 10.2 seconds at 132mph. Car weighs just under 2500lbs without me in it. I add another 250 lbs to the equation

Last month we removed the twin 750 Edelbrocks and fitted up a 16 injector BDS electronic fuel injection so Im hoping to run a 9 this summer (December 2008 to March 2009)

Gas is a bit over $7.60 per NZ dollar for a US gallon, but I guess it may never be cheaper so we need to use it up before it gets real expensive

When I can figure how to upload pikkys, I will beam one up.

Hot Rod Todd
Oi! Another Todd? Well ok then, that makes five or six here right?

Welcome and let's see those pix.
I will need instructions on how to upload some pikkys, or if somebody wants to do it for me, send me an email to and I will send you up the pikkys and you can get it done for me far quicker than I could. :hooray:

Its now snowing outside!

Thanks for the help. I truely need all I can get. I cant figure how to get a pikky in the into area, but I uploaded a pikky and its in the vBPicGallery.

Also I wasnt so sucessful in shrinking the other pikkys down so when I have that figured, I will beam up a few more pikkys.

Good lookin' T. Is the Chevy pickup in the background right-hand drive too?
Have put up a bunch more pikkys of the car. All taken around 2004. Still havent figured how to put one on this page tho.

Over here, we have the 20 year rule for LHD. If a LHD vehicle comes into the country theres three legal options
1) its over 20 years old so can stay LHD
2) it under 20 years old but the owner used it overseas for 90 days so it can stay LHD
3) its under 20 years old and owner hasnt used it overseas for 90 days so its got to be converted to RHD - thats $12,000 for early 90s trucks to around $45,000 for more one off type stuff. (Vipers etc)

There were a few less legal options (leave vehicle in name of American mate etc) and recently we have just got a exemption from January 2009 to allow 500 LHD cars into the country each year. They have to be "classics" less than 20,000 made and either 2 door or convertibles.
You mean like this!

I am going to try and explain this:

1. Go to your gallery you created.
2. Click on the image you want to show up in you post and let it load as a single image on the page.
3. Hold your mouse over the image and right click on the image.
4. A properties box shows up, highlight the URL (address) that is the location of the image in your gallery. For example, the image shown above has the address: <> but without the <> brackets. I used the brackets to keep the url from showing up as a link in this post.
5. Highlight the address and press control-C to copy the location for pasting later in your post. Do only one at a time.
6. Open up your thread, click reply, and put your cursor where you want the image.
7. Then click on the little insert image icon at the top of the tool bar for your reply. It is the little yellow box that looks like there is a little stylized mountain and sun in it.
8. Press control-V to past the address of the image you captured in step 5 into the insert field.
9. Press OK and you should see the image in your reply!

I probably made a mistake in these instructions. I will test them and see if they work.

Take care,

Hey, Hot Rod Todd, I have an acquaintance who I believe is in Christchurch. He's a real motorhead, but also somewhat of a curmudgeon. He was injured in a motorcycle accident some years ago, and is a paraplegic. If I could get you to take your T past his place and say hello, I'd sure appreciate it.

However, first I need to make sure that's where he is!
If hes in or near Christchurch thats no problem. We shifted down here to set up another head injury rehab facility, and thats movin pretty slowly, so I can make the time if the weather isnt too bad.
Welcome Hot Rod Todd, nice bucket :cool:
Nice Car but you guys all sit on the wrong side of the car.:lol:

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