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Hello from Eagel Rock, MO.


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My 1st post with you all. Great forum! Picked up my 27T package from Spirit last week. Great people, great product. Bob gave me the tour of the shop... very nice!! Looking forward to going back in June for the Bash.
Welcome aboard! I'm new here too but this is a great and knowlegable bunch of guys.
My Spirit 23T kit should be here in a few days.
Man you guys are almost there already. I am also looking forward to the bash. I will be the one there in the black T Bucket think i will be hard to spot. HAHA
Man i am jealous that eaglerock is a real beautiful place . I have a friend whos dad has a home at ShellKnob.
Welcome :D nice build
Thanks for the welcome guys!! Yes, Eagle Rock (SW Missouri) is beautiful. Been here going on 3 years now. God's Country! Move from Phoenix... we don't miss that place at all!!
Yes the sun is way to close to the ground in Pheonix. My wifes uncle and family live in Mesa. BEAUTIFUL place in January HA
welcome to the site and the greatest bunch of T lovers on the planet!!!

Welcome from the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin:toast:
Welcome from the state of Michigan. Sorry you didn't like Phoenix, that's where I'm from. Sure do miss the Southwest.


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