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Hello from IL!


Hello everyone!

I'm starting to work on my 27' t-bucket once again and figured it would be a good idea to join your group because I'm going to have a lot of questions.

This car was bought by my dad back in the 80's with the intentions to fix it up with his kids when time was right. Unfortunately, that day never happened and I ended up inheriting it when he passed.

Original car as my dad bought it was steel 27' body. Frame was home built by someone at 103" (1923 spec?) Chevy 283 with powerglide trans and GM 10 bolt rearend.

Today the only thing left original is the bucket, which needs some love starting with the floor board. The frame is now a Speedway nostalgia (715-4200). I had a good 67' 350 and T350 for it but my barn flooded and ruined those. Maybe I can take the engine apart and make work again but it's frozen right now. I'm actively looking for a new rear axle right now because the GM locked up a while back when the car was being towed home. I'm thinking the 96+ S10 should work for me.

Anyways, that's a snapshot of me and my project.

Welcome, Chris! With patience and a 'little help from (your) friends' you should be able to breathe life into this little hot rod again. V-8 small blocks are still pretty plentiful, and so are transmissions. Mine is a 350/350 combo with Camaro 10-bolt rear end.

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Thanks fellas!


I'm out in Newark now but grew up in CC Hills so I'm very familiar with Oak Forest. I spent a lot of time running around Twin Lakes with my friends.
Welcome from the "dodged 4 more hurricanes in the last couple weeks", Caribbean . . . . :cool:

Working on a Spirit Cars '27 T myself.

The S10 rear should work well, just be sure to look for ta 4 wheel drive one, as it's a bit wider than the 2WD ones, and 27's are a bit wider than the 23's.
Belated welcome from Arizona!
(It ain't Hell... but you can see it from here...)

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