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Hello from Maine


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Hello all,
Dennis from Lebanon, Maine here. Thanks for letting me join. I was refereed to your site from Club Hot Rod because I just bought a 23 T. It was originally purchased from TP back in the late 90's, I was told 97. It was purchased by a school to build and drive during parades and to promote the school. Well it changed hands another time and I finally bought it. The frame actually sat outside the last 2 years. It was inside a fence inpound and leaning on its side, with one spindle driven into the ground and now frozen. It took a 4x4 block and a good size hammer to move. I got it straight, but it's tight, I took one side apart so far and the bearings will have to be replaced, bushings look out, the pin fits good. Someone has been there before me with all the hammer marks on them. I am going to take them to work and bead blast what I can fit into the tank and see how they clean up. I am a diesel / equipment mechanic by trade so I have a little knowledge.
The frame came with cross member, master, steering box, front axle and leaf, radius rods, rear housing. The body includes the floor and pick up back and it in pretty good shape. The master is pretty rusty and no plugs in brake line holes so most likely need replacing.
It kind of stinks to go backwards before going forwards, but I will take it back apart, free everything up as I can, and start from scratch. A friend of the family built a 23 T that is now 25 years old, and the first time I saw it I was fascinated by it, and when I came across the ad for a "low budget hot rod" I grabbed the chance to build my own.

:) The best site on the web! There are a couple of others on here from MAINE from time to time. We are not very far from each other. To me going backwards and then forward is the fun of the hobby. Each winter take something apart and rush to get the T ready for our one day of summer. There is a wealth of info on here, just ask.
Welcome to the site u will enjoy these guys there isnt a question these guys cant answer.There is some who post here that fab some pretty amazing parts if u r in need of something just ask. But you must post pictures:rulz: its in the fineprint.
I'm glad Rooster mentioned pictures. We'd love to see what you are playing with. Good luck with the build.
Todd said:
I'm glad Rooster mentioned pictures. We'd love to see what you are playing with. Good luck with the build.
Interesting play on words.LOL
Welcome to the forum Dennis, glad to have another good man join the group.
I have been checking out the group and there is some amazing talent on here. I wanted to install a BBC with a blower, but I have hard "your f**kin nuts" more then once so far. I wasn't going to build for alot of power, mostly looks, just because it is a BBC with a blower doesn't mean it has to push 800hp, I thought it just would make a statement when people see or hear it.

Thanks for all the replies, and thanks for the referral to this site LumenAl, and awesome pics on your 25T, what a awesome job. This site is giving me alot of ideas and there are alot of awesome cars on here. I just ordered something from TP so I will see if I get it since they are closing. I just wanted the manual for the 23T from them..

I will gladly take pics but there isnt much to look at yet.
Here are a few pics that were taken when my brother and I brought it home. That is my wife Amy sitting with me in our future T, Do you think she would be smiling if she knew how much this is going to cost?? :rolleyes:
Another thing, it took me three times before I noticed it says "Total" on the back of the body instead of "Ford", I assumed it said "Ford"

Do you make the "Total" stand out when you paint it?

There is also a man down the street who is awesome with fiberglass and is noted for street rods and classics. I was considering a passenger side door, and I know he would do a awesome job, just pondering if I should have one put in.
[quote name='McDenny's']Here are a few pics that were taken when my brother and I brought it home. That is my wife Amy sitting with me in our future T, Do you think she would be smiling if she knew how much this is going to cost?? :rolleyes:[/quote]

She's smiling because you have something to do besides bug her. And she ain't jealous of the car yet.
Well, her exact words, before I found the T were, and I quote "you need to get a hobby", well I got a hobby!!:rolleyes:
Dennis welcome to the site. Nice pictures of your project. Now get this. I to live in Lebanon. Maine. You may have seen my T Bucket around. I have taken it a few times to the so called Lebanon Nationals at the Mobil station on 202 Thursday nights.
Sure would be nice to ride with another T Bucket.:rolleyes:
Well hello neighbor. I have seen the cars grow and grow there, it seems like its getting pretty big. I actually live on south side so I drive by there going home. I know one Dickie, and he owns the tractor store, and he has a 32?? Ford? with a flathead. How long have you had your bucket? You build it? What a small world to find someone in the same town :rolleyes:
Had my T since 1990. Like you I bought a project car. Did a complete rebuild on it. The tractor man on 202, yes, I know him also. He has a couple of Hot Rods. He is a regular Thursday night guy. They meet all year round this time of year to eat and BS.
Few years ago I had a 31 Dodge coupe with a BBC I really liked the big block. Have seen them in T,s also. Go for the BBC. They are heavy however.
I live on the North end.
I thought about the weight and I figure I can always "beef" up the springs if needed. I started taking things apart and I will take to work the parts that will fit into the bead blaster. The spindles are pretty rough, they have been banged on, seal surface is banged up, threads gone from being dragged. I know I could fix them, get sleeves if needed, but I have been pondering "chrome" ones. One king pin is frozen, I may have to press it out. The bearing's are gone. The bushings are tight on the one I have gotten apart. I am not to worried about the frame, it has rust, but I am only mocking it up so I will worry about paint later in time, worst case I will sand blast and prime this summer. I bought the car from the teacher of the Vocational School in Sanford, it was bought by the school around 97 I guess and never done. The teacher bought it and wanted to finish it with some students, but it never happened, now it's in my basement :lol:
Welcome Dennis, Well it looks like you have the hard part all done for you, the rest is gravy... any questions as how or what to do from here, ask away.... Nothing really wrong with a big block, except not the very best mileage, if you want to drive your new toy a lot and be able to go anywhere anytime, that is.. hehe I know, I had one for many years, before the cost of fuel got out of control.. Around town, from block to block, all Chevys are pretty much equal, it is when you let it run up a bit, is where the Cubes take over, but that is way too fast on the street with all the crazies out there you have to look out for.. hehe PS, You have a Beautiful lady, they usually like ridin in these critters, if they don't mind getting their hair blown around a bit:} Kinda like a roller coaster ride...

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