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hello from Manitoba


New Member

I have a all steel 23 t body and frame rails. Just starting to gather parts and would welcome any advise.

Welcome to the site! from this point you could go any number of ways. I would pick a theme for your build first. '40's, '50's, etc.

Decide do you want alot of chrome polishing required or the all one color theme this I have seen a few that look pretty cool. As long as they don't see much gravel.
I think you should start by selling me the steel body for a ridiculously low price and buy a glass body. LOL
Run for the hills were being invaded by Canada.Welcome to the forum
I hear there money is worth more than the dollar so come on over and spend,spend,spend.LOL
See alot of "peggers" down in my neck of the woods. The exchange is definately in their favor this year. Usually this time of the year finds my boat hooked to the back of the pickup heading for the red or winnipeg river to partake in some of the worlds finest walleye fishing. Not going this year with gas at 3.50+ Not sure if I will ever get back up if they make the passport thing a fer sure law.
Was just informed i have a bicycle chain to fix.,.... lololol
Well Snowtires...

First off...


I'm so jealous of you having that steel body to start your project with... Nice score! Where did you locate it?

I know one thing for sure... Being here in the Pacific Northwest I see lots of Canadian cars at shows... and I know one thing to be a fact... you all build some very sweet cars and attention to detail is outstanding... look forward to seeing your project progress...

If ya have any questions... post away... there are some really talented and knowledgeable folks in this forum.

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