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Hello From Morris, Illinois.


New Member
Hello fellow project builders.

My name is Pataki, and I've got way to many irons in the fire:rolleyes: Currently working on a 1927 sedan .

Love some of the projects I seen on this forum and decided to join.

Man am I ever going to finish anything?
Also if anyones interested I have a inline 6 cyl ford motor and trans out of a early mustang.

It was in the flood last year but has all the brackets and was running when I got it.

Anyone want it? Come get it.!!!! FREE I cant bring myself to give it to the scrap man. Stuff like this is getting scares:cool:
:welcome: You are in the right place, Ithink several of us are in that position it's to easy to get to many projects going at one time. Keep working on that 27 it may take longer than you want but it will be worth it.
Welcome to the forum Pataki, it's good to see another guy from Illinois on the board.
Welcome :)

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