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hello people


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interested in a t bucket or that style so i figured id check out what people are doing and learn what to look for in those that are avalible..
Where are you from? There may be someone close to you that would be willing to take you for a ride. Let you look at their car up real close and see what it is all about.

Welcome to the forums
Post on here where you are somebody should be close enough to show you what to look for in person. Also what to stay away from some buckets have potential but are unsafe the way they are.
Good shopping Putz
I cant figure these people.Ask for advice but dont say where there from.DUHH.I wish Mike would make it mandatory you state where your from.It would save alot of bull crap!
I for one met some great peolple in my area once I put in where I was from. EX-Junk was kind enough to envite my son and I to spend a whole morning with him going through his beautiful T-Bucket and took us for our first ride. he walked me through web sights, do's and don'ts.

Thank You EX- Junk and all the great folks as kind that bend over backwards to help us new bee's getting started. This web sight is a blessing and the good people here make it very easy to put that small contribution out each month in order to keep the dream alive. CHeers my T-Friends and Thanks
I was at a graduation party this weekend somebody saw my Tbucketeers shirt and We started talking buckets. He said he has one at home in pieces that his Dad bought for 400 dollars with a 396. He told me he never rode in one well went next door and picked mine up took him for a ride then let him drive for a short run. Now he has the itch.

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