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just signed up yesterday to the site.
I'm in Nebraska...anyone else from Nebraska here?

I will be attempting to build my first T bucket & I thought
this would be a great site to join.

I'll post a pic up of what I have to start with after I find it. (the pic):lol:
Welcome to the T-Bucket Forums!

We're all here to share with and learn from one another. It's been mentioned in other places, but we've got guys with experience ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other. And the best part is we are learning from all of them.
Howdy! Boy, I'm running out of ways to say welcome!:D We're all hear to learn and offer support, so you're in the right spot. Keep us updated when you start your build.
my avatar is the car I will be using for my build.

basically tearing it apart to make room for a V8:D
It's all there but the stock 4cyl motor is locked up. So I thought it serves
a better purpose if I build a T bucket instead of it gathering dust.
WOW!! What a start! We'll all be waching this one. Welcometo the site>

WOW! The restoration guys are gonna be lookin' for you!:eek: I say go for it! There's not enough steel T's out there.;)
Welcome, cool T.
I don't know for sure rabit, but you just might be breaking some kind of law by tearing the truck apart.:think: Good luck on your build, I'm sure it's going to look great. Welcome aboard.

That's really the best way to go. If you can find a complete car,You have all the little gizzmos that are hard to find and cost $$ when you find them. By selling off the extra parts, you stand a chance to re-coup some of your initial cost. As far as the restorers go, they had the same chance to buy the T as you did. Some you win, some you loose.


what part of Nebraska do you call home?
my Mom is from Cozad, and Dad was from Crawford.

looks like you have a nice starting base to build from.
I wish my C-cab was the nice!!


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