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Track T-4

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Hi my name is Bruce and I.m located in Maryland. I'm new to T buckets, just purchased my first about a month ago. It has a track-T look with flames and is powered by a Pinto 4-cylinder SOHC engine. The previous owner owned the car for about 14 years and some of the systems and details need to be gone over or upgraded - wiring, carpeting, hood attachments, etc. It has rolled rocker panels all around and a partial belly pan (the PO removed part of it), I plan to recreate what's missing. We're shooting to be ready and attend the York NSRA meet in June.

The appearance of the engine is bone stock and I'm realizing it's a real challenge finding dress-up stuff for this 30+ year old 4-cylinder. Any sources or suggestions would be appreciated. I believe the internals have been beefed up because it has alot of pep.

I'm curious about the origination of the body because the windshield frame attachment is different from others I've seen. Also curious about the orginal builder and believe it was built in Florida or Texas. Will post a few photos soon to get feedback.

Plan to join the NTBA and hope with hook-up with other T owners in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area. I'm looking forward to sharing experiences and information. Thanks in advance for your advice as I post a few questions.
Welcome to the group. From the little I can see in your little Avatar picture, you have a nice little T there. Throw up some bigger ones for our enjoyment. :)

Not sure about dress up or speed stuff for the Pinto, although Clifford Engineering comes to mind for stuff like manifolds. With gas prices going through the roof, you will be at the head of the class with a bunch of us considering alternative power sources.

Welcome to the site! That's an awesome lookin' Track T. Can't wait to see more of it. Seems to me there was a formula class that used 1600? Pinto 4's. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Welcome Bruce. The Pinto engine came in 3 sizes, 1600, 2000 and 2300. The 2.0 and 2.3 have been popular in sand rails, out here on the left coast. You can try that avenue for parts too.
Welcome to the forum!:) It's interesting that you are running a Pinto 4cyl. here's a pic of one that was in a lot of magazines in the mid to late 70's. One of my all time favorites growing up and NO, it wasn't just because of the eye candy!;):) Of interest is the front spring set up.


I hope you keep it and have good luck with dress up parts. Have you tried J.C. Whitney? They used to have a lot of dress up stuff for 4cyl. engines.
RPM - I'm north of Baltimore closer to the state line. Tenn is a gorgeous state.

Youngster - Thanks. The first parts have been fun to locate. The left taillight didn't work at first (and the right lens was cracked) so I took it out of the car, the housing was all busted and the bulb/socket was hanging loose. It took me a few days of research and surfing the 'net, finally found out it was actually the rear side marker light from a 1971 Mercury Cougar "standard" (not the XLR). Found two in Washington state and their in the mail now.

VegasBruce - Mine is the 2.3L. Thanks for the sand rail lead, I'll do some digging out that way.

tfeverfred - Thanks for the pic. I would love to get a nice valve cover like that (current is original in moss green). The only thing I've found so far is a fabbed aluminum cover from Racer Walsh for $225 - a little too much for the pocketbook. The sidedrafts would be great too but can tell by the photo that the hood sidepanel would have to be modified.

Thanks guys. I uploaded a few of the previous owner's photos to the library, I'll have to get a couple of the engine taken and uploaded.
Maybe you could cut the top off a ribbed valve cover from a V8 and graft it to the top of the stock cover? Or maybe weld your own ribs to the stock cover? I'm sure if you look at it long enough, the solution will come to you. Us hot rodders got it that way.;)
There were 3 different "pinto" engines. The fist was the 1600. It was pushrod. Next was the German 2000. All 2.3's and the 2.0 found in the ranger were made in Lima Ohio. Parts won't interchange between the German and the Lima engines.
Scout the wrecking yards for Turbo engines in Mustangs, T'birds, Mercurs, Cougars, even Fairmonts. Those engines came with cast aluminum valve covers that polish up pretty nice. A real prize is the one that says Ford Motorsport on it. There's a guy in PA who powder coats and polishes valve covers. He goes by the name Mad Adder. I don't have his address. Hope this helps.
track check out shay owners club international forum. the shay has the 4 cyl engine and look through there site. a ranger header will fit it and they have about all the valve covers installed
Good to see another MDer here. I just joined up and have just started my plans for a T. I'm down in the city, but I'm looking for other locals to check out some T's, trying to get my ideas in line.

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