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Help identifying calipers?


New Member
PXL_20230107_181122598.jpg PXL_20230108_000759971.jpg PXL_20230108_000812308.jpg When I look these up I keep running into Kodiak, but they are trailer brakes. Is that what I have going on here?
Trailer brakes are usually electric. Is there a master cylinder on the tongue of the trailer? Those look like mid size GM calipers. Camaro Chevelle etc.
I believe Indycars is right. If the caliper has a 2 15/16" piston then it's probably a GM JB6 caliper used on GM cars a midsize trucks on the 70's and 80's. Speedway, as well as others, sell mounting bracket hardware and rotors with these calipers to fit many different applications. If the piston is larger, over 3" in it could be a JB7 instead.

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