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Here's Tuesday....


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Shaking in the forest, what have you to fear?
Here there may be tigers, to punch you in the ear.
With gloves of stainless steel, bats carved out of bricks
Knock you down and beat you up and give your ass a kick.

Shaking in the desert, now wherefore do you cry?
Here there may be rattlesnakes, to punch you in the eye.
With Shotgun's full of silver and bullet's made of glass
String barbed wire at your feet, that will not let you pass.
Pritty heavy snot for a tuesday:eek:
Shaking in the bedroom, covers on your head,
Are you still in fear of the hand beneath the bed?
Grabbing at the handle, scratching at the door,
Maybe its mystery killer you saw on channel four.

Shaking in the garden, the fear within you grows,
Here there may be roses, to punch you in the nose.
Put my arms around you, love you til you cry,
Wrap you in your sweet perfume
and squeeze you til you die.
That's not too bad.....Heres Joe :lol:
Joe Cocker

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