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Herman's Fast Glass any good?


New Member
I found T bucket kits by Herman's Fast Glass. They seem like they come with a lot for the price. I don't want to buy junk just because its cheap tho.

Does anyone have any opinions on their quality? Good or Bad?
i was just hermans shop on sat 4-19 first class operation . i have one of his bodys on my T good people to deal with . and will bend over backward to help you .
I am not sure about Hermans Glass, never heard anything about them.
But I can defintly recomend Spirit and TP. They both support this board and I have a Spirit build!
Thanks guys. Sounds like any of those 3 would be good to buy from. I guess I'll just have to compare the 3 and see what offers the kit that most closely fits my needs.
another thing you might think about is you can drive to hermans and pick up your body you can save a whole bunch of money on shiping.

Here is a pic of Pauls car that was built at Hermans.

I can't make it any bigger, sorry
Dose Hermans have a web site? I haven't heard of them but would like to check it out.


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