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Herr-i cane Hanna


New Member
Well, I'm sitting at the fire house while Hanna starts it's rain. We wont get any real rain and wind (25 - 35 mph w/ gusts to 65 until 5-6 PM tonight). Of course 6 PM is when I have to walk across the street to start my tour in the County Emergency Operations Center, right whent the "big dump" is in full swing. :sad:

Any hooo, I get to dope off and bull fling with you guys for a while and that's a great thing :).

It could be worse though, as we are keeping a closer eye on Ike, that could be nasty if it swings north. And my prayers are with are friends in South FL.

I guess our local car club cruise-in will be cancelled tonight. I hate it when that haopens. Beer, neat classic cars, and nice people, a winning combination.

Phew, the Beaufort bubble held. My thoughts are with our freinds in S. FL and the gulf coast states.


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