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Hey B.C., are you still looking for 50 MPG?


I saw your post on the gas mileage thread. I went to your site from your link but it seems to be down. I was heavy into hot rods about 30 years ago and now that I have returned I found my priorities are more like yours, a green approach to going fast. If you have followed my posts, I've taken a well engineered 1923 Track-T with a 4 speed manual trans and sbc from 13-14 MPG to 22-23 MPG. I have found an engine that I would like to put in the T. It is an all alloy 4.2 liter twin turbo and twin intercooled diesel V8 weighing almost 100 lbs. LESS than my sbc. In stock form it is good for 326 hp and 560 lb/ft torque, available at 1600 rpms. It is made by Audi but not imported to the States. I'm looking at auto junk yards in the UK for this motor and have it consolidated into a container for shipment. Since two of my vehicles are diesel, 3 are electric and only the T and a T-bird are gassers, you can see my envioromental leanings. If you are interested in this engine I'll try and find 2 for shipment.
Mother Earth News Magazine has a series of articles on a Locost home built sports car that is currently besting 75 MPG using a Kabota diesel engine. In the article it says the car in current trim is about as areo dynamic as a brick but if your familiar with the Lotus 7 you know its about the equal of our T buckets so I would think that using the same drive line in a T would give roughly the same results.Go to Mother Earth News online archive to read about "Max" I have the Haynes book to build this car and my first thought was to use a T track roadster skin on the chassis it would be a kick ass modern version of something like Duffy Livingstones T bodied sports car.Haynes The same people that do the service manual put out a book on building what they call the Haynes Roadster AKA Locost which is a highly deatailed construction manual for these cars.If you don't already know it Haynes Publishing is in the US and they publish a great deal of how to books besides cars they have a web site also.
that project using the kabota engine.. did the guy ever get it running, last i heard he couldnt get it driveable.

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